Navigate Help

  Navigate Help by doing any of the following:
Click items in the navigation pane until you reach the desired topic. To view a topic, click its title, either in the navigation pane or the reading pane.

Click Back or Forward on the toolbar.

Click Previous or Next in the reading pane.

Click the navigation links that appear above the topic title in the reading pane.

You can also navigate Help using accessible keyboard shortcuts.

Keys for navigating a PDF Result

 Windows Action
 Mac OS Action

Previous screen
 Page Up
 Page Up

Next screen
 Page Down
 Page Down

First page
 Home or Shift+Ctrl+Page Up or Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow
 Home or Shift+Command+Up Arrow

Last page
 End or Shift+Ctrl+Page Down or Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow
 End or Shift+Command+Down Arrow

Previous page
 Left arrow or Ctrl+Page Up
 Left arrow or Command+Page Up

Next page
 Right arrow or Ctrl+Page Down
 Right arrow or Command+Page Down

Previous view
 Alt+Left arrow
 Option+Left arrow

Next view
 Alt+Right arrow
 Option+Right arrow

Previous document
 Alt+Shift+Left arrow
 Option+Shift+Left arrow

Next document
 Alt+Shift+Right arrow
 Option+Shift+Right arrow

Scroll up
 Up Arrow
 Up Arrow

Scroll down
 Down Arrow
 Down Arrow

Scroll (when Hand tool is selected)

Zoom in
 Ctrl+equal sign
 Command+equal sign

Zoom out

Keys for general navigating Result

Windows Action
 Mac OS Action

Show/hide menu bar

Move focus to menus

Move focus to toolbar in browser

Move to next open document (when focus is on document pane)

Move to previous open document (when focus is on document pane)

Close current document

Close all open windows

Move focus to next tabbed page or palette

Move focus to previous pane or panel

Move focus to next comment, link, or form field in the document pane

Move focus to document pane

Move focus to previous comment, link, or form field in the document pane

Activate selected tool, item (such as a movie or bookmark), or command
 Spacebar or Enter
 Spacebar or Enter

Open context menu

Close context menu

Return to Hand tool or Select tool

Move focus to next tab in a tabbed dialog box
 Not available

Move to next search result and highlight it in the document
 Not available

Select text (with Select tool selected)
 Shift+arrow keys
 Shift+arrow keys

Select next word or deselect previous word (with Select tool selected)
 Ctrl+Right Arrow or Left Arrow
 Command +Right Arrow or Left Arrow


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